Enabling Decision-Making When Everything Matters

Insta DefSec delivers solutions for critical decision-making where correct information is needed at the right time in all circumstances.

The capability to decide and lead adamantly in the midst of uncertainty brings an superior advantage. To achieve this, decision-maker needs support systems to focus on the essential and to perform well in a limited time interval.

Insta DefSec is Finland’s leading provider of command and control systems. We understand both the customer need and the challenges set by the environment. Our C2 products presents technological novelty in being

  • Distributed
  • Secure
  • Real-time
  • Enablers of co-operation
  • Role-based
  • Usable
  • Available 24/7

Insta DefSec’s profound expertise on delivering solutions for command&control, intelligence, surveillance, and analysis is the rock we stand on also in the future.