C2 Systems for Higher Echelons

Real Time Command & Control for Joint Air Defence in a Larger Scale


We provide network centric command and control systems for Command and Reporting Centre level as well as for Operation Centre level. Our C2 software supports planning, tasking, command and control for real time joint air defence operations with air to air and air to ground missions. Software is based on modern technology and it is platform independent.

Software's Link 16 integration and usage of military standards enhance CRCs and OCs with interoperability in national and international coalitions. Software’s high performance, robustness and reliable data security and real time data distribution provide ideal conditions for surveillance and air defence capabilities in a wide theatre. All C2 data including the recognized real time situation picture can be shared between all C2 system nodes around the network. Additionally, separate situation pictures can be tailored for local or other special needs.

C2 system has a powerful integration with the C2 training system, which enables to run fully or partially simulated exercises. Simulation based training is a significantly cost effective and safe way to enable the whole command and control chain to operate within a common scenario. HLA is used as one possible method for different parties to take part to the same virtual exercise arena.