Battlefield Management Systems

Situational awareness of battlefield

The Battlefield Management System is a lightweight C2 solution for troops on the battlefield. The system provides the basis for fast decision making by offering a real-time situational picture and information on available resources.

An essential part of the system is the possibility to connect weapon systems, which allows the weapon system to be fully integrated with the C2.

Situational awareness of battlefield

The solution is especially intended for commanding combat troops in real time, which typically have the following characteristics:

Support combat with real-time situation picture

  • Because information can become outdated just in a few seconds, the most valuable feature of the system is the ability to provide real-time information for combat troops
  • Intelligent message processing ensures that information is always in real-time, even with congested communication channels

Efficient cooperation with commander and peer units

  • Commanders are able to manage the resources and distribute assignments and commands to subordinate units
  • Units are able to follow other peer units actions in real time, which facilitates in sharing multiple targets between units without support from the commander
  • Units are able to communicate with each other and report their individual sightings
  • If needed, units can view the plans on which the operation is based

Secure information management is the basis for successful operations

  • Both hacking from external sources and unintentional information disclosure have been taken into consideration in the system architecture
  • All communication has been secured with an encryption solution accepted by the Finnish Defense Forces

Compatibility with international systems and standards

  • Supported standards include JREAP, Link 16, Link 22, Link 1, LLAPI, APP-6A, MIL-2525B, ADatP-3 and ADatP-35
  • The Battlefield Management System can be integrated with a NATO C2 system to allow for situational picture and command exchange