Fire Control

Situational awareness of battlefield

The Fire Control System is a software based solution for improving combat capabilities and fire control effectiveness. It provides real-time situational awareness and assists the operator in detecting, acquiring and engaging targets.

The system is especially designed to be integrated with weapon systems that are not equipped with Built-in solutions for firing control.

System supporting the fire control

Recognizing the optimal time for launch

  • The system increases hit probability by providing the optimal time for launch. It calculates and analyses launch sites, firing zones and dead zones

Voice communication between the fire controller and the shooter

  • In a combat situation different parts of the fire unit may be geographically scattered. The Fire Control System enables internal voice communication between the fire controller and the shooter

Integrating the weapon system with the C2

  • Provides status information of weapon systems
  • Provides target information sharing between units

Compatibility with international systems and standards

  • Supported standards include JREAP, Link 16, Link 22, Link 1, LLAPI, APP-6A, MIL-2525B, ADatP-3, ADatP-35
  • the Battlefield Management System can be integrated with a NATO C2 system to allow for situational picture and command exchange.