Dismounted Soldier System

Part of the group, part of the situation picture

Dismounted Soldier System (DSS) is designed for wearable, touchscreen-enabled terminals for warfighters. Typical users are a squad leaders and individual soldiers. The system provides squad level solution for speech and data communication. It enables seamless communication between several squads operating within the same area without the need to distribute all the information via a single point of failure, e.g. via a communication centre.

Dismounted Soldier System is designed for the battlefield

  • warfighters can insert the needed information into the system swiftly
  • only the essential information is shown, i.e. the user is not strained with information overflow in the user interfaces

○ audio feedback supports the graphical user interface

  • information is distributed within the squad level network automatically, no manual sending of messages needed
  • speech and data communications are available simultaneously
  • long range combat network radios are needed only for one member of the group. Other members can still use long range radio network routed via the squad level network
  • the system has an integrated, strong information security solution designed for the battlefield on all levels of application and communications

Versatility creates options

The system has a modular and scalable architecture enabling versatility and adaptivity to different usages

  • Only the necessary functionalities are enabled, according to role or task. For example, an infantry soldier may have just the basic functionalities without targeting and ranging capabilities. Whereas a special task force member can still have all the advanced features and equipment
  • the system can be seamlessly connected to upper echelon C4I systems, currently existing and in the future
  • the system can be used in multi-authority cooperation, for example in joint tasks with law enforcement and rescue operators.