Weapon System Integration

Weapon System Integration professional services

Our area of expertise covers weapon, sensor and electronic warfare systems in which we offer different-level solutions, ranging from the design and manufacturing of single components to full deliveries of extensive systems.

The customer specific system assemblies include embedded systems, software and hardware solutions, security planning and life cycle services.

We always operate in partnership with either the end customer or supplier chosen by the end customer, which has led to our ability to operate as a part of demanding national and international networks. By networking with both domestic and foreign planning and manufacturing subcontractors we are able to answer to the most demanding challenges – always flexibly and cost effectively.

We offer comprehensive services for all inclusive and partial systems:

  • system planning
  • purchasing requirements by systems demands
  • system integration, testing and verification
  • safety planning (Safety)
  • life cycle services
  • environment and EMC testing
  • equipment and software planning
  • component manufacturing (electronics and mechanics)
  • assembly
  • quality control
  • configuration control
  • project control.

Our system knowledge combined with demanding manufacturing expertise enables license manufacturing related to industrial participations. Our new system integration premises enable the integration and system testing of several vehicles and containers at the same time. We have gained strong experience by taking part in most of the air defense projects of the Finnish Defense Forces since 1995, either by modernizing the existing systems or by contributing to the implementation of new systems.