Analysis Solutions

See beneath the surface of data

We provide tools for all levels of analysis of strategic, tactical, and operative processes.

Analysis systems are sophisticated systems which integrate seamlessly with existing systems, such as situational awareness tools and command & control systems.

Our expertise lie in providing solutions for extracting valuable information from large quantities of complex data - we find the details within to understand the data.


We build your analysis solution securely, while taking into account the sensitive nature of the data.

We have proven expertise in creating systems that fulfill the demanding security requirements of governments. Insta is an ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110- certified provider which carries the overall responsibility of system development for the customer.

Real time or batch processing

When analysis results must be based on the most recent data, real-time processing of the data is essential. However, when analytical tasks deal with large amounts of historical data, batch-processing tools reveal the hidden trends within data to prepare for the future.

Systems that deliver real-time situational awareness support critical decision making. Analysis system can as well provide background batch processing capabilities to support strategic decision making.

What is on your analysis table?

Usually there is a vast amount of data, but the information is typically hard to find. If you already know what you are looking for – you are well on the way. If not, we can help you at the stage where you still are uncertain as to where you should be going. Once the tasks are clear, we can build a suitable system, alleviating the need to dive blindly into an ocean of data – you will see what lies beneath the surface.